Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prevent Nuclear Terror

The Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at UC San Diego is a multidisciplinary team of scholars, students, staff, and interested parties both within and outside of the University of California, brought together by their common interest in studying international conflict and cooperation. IGCC researchers study a wide range of topics involving security, environmental, and economic policies that shape our ability to prevent conflict and promote cooperation across the globe. Evolving threats to global stability require exploration of nontraditional connections between and across disciplines and institutions.
Media contact: Barry Jagoda, (858)534-8567,
UC San Dego structural engineers and a team of industry and university partners are developing and evaluating blast mitigation technologies to harden buildings and bridges against terrorist bomb attacks.Media contacts:
Rex Graham, (858) 822-3075,
Scientists and engineers are collaborating across disciplines to develop and network miniaturized intelligent nanosensors that can rapidly and remotely detect change in their surroundings. A UC San Diego professor of chemistry and biochemistry is developing sensors with many potential applications: environmental, medical, military and transportation.
Media Contact: Kim McDonald, 858-534-7572,

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