Friday, February 29, 2008

Advance personalized learning

Jacob Whitehill, a computer science Ph.D. student at UC San Diego, can turn his face into a remote control that speeds and slows video playback. The proof-of-concept demonstration is part of a larger project to use automated facial expression recognition to make robots more effective teachers. Whitehill's new work (PDF) builds on technology for detecting facial expressions being developed at UC San Diego’s Machine Perception Laboratory (MPLab), part of the Institute for Neural Computation, and housed in the UCSD Division of Calit2.
Media contact: Daniel Kane, (858) 534-3262,

Computer scientists at UC San Diego are working on ways to get students to blog, read blogs, instant message and send text and photo messages from cell phones during class. It's not about goofing off; it's about using technology to engage students in active learning exercises in the classroom.
Media contact: Daniel Kane, (858) 534-3262,

The Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center (TDLC) at UC San Diego is developing a science of the temporal dynamics of learning that treats time as a crucial element in the learning process. Researchers are integrating the study of learning dynamics across multiple time scales - from milliseconds, to life-long learning. This new science will inform educational practices and result in better learning outcomes. The TDLC is directed by computer science professor Garrison Cottrell along with a team of seven C0-PIs: Dan Feldman, Andrea Chiba, Javier Movellan, Isabel Gauthier, Thomas Palmeri, Paula Tallal and Terry Sejnowski
Media contact: Inga Kiderra, (858) 822-0661,; Daniel Kane, (858) 534-3262,

Mentor Net: Long-distance relationships are often tough. But when it comes to mentoring, the distance can turn out to be a good thing. Over email, a mentor who is hundreds or thousands of miles away can give advice and feedback based on a perspective that you might not get from an advisor down the hall. At no charge, all UCSD engineering, mathematics and science undergrads, grad students, postdocs and new faculty members can link up with a mentor over email thanks to a partnership between UCSD and MentorNet – an e-mentoring network promoting diversity in engineering and science.
Media contact: Daniel Kane, (858) 534-3262,

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